Diane Rey

Sensual Arts Experience 

There is another kind of hunger: A hunger for human touch.... People will never tell you about how it feels.... the longing ~ Joyce Maynard  

I am one leave until ????

Ladies: I will not be providing references. I will not be answering email, text or calls. 

GentleMen: Please see Amber James while I am away. She and I grew up together and found our way to the world of sensual arts around the same time, it's a really funny strory. Ask her if you feel inclined. MyAmberJames dot com 

She does not have access to my guest list, but I will be in touch with her, so go ahead and reach out to her and let her know you've seen me by providing her with your name and email address. 

If this leave extends into eternity then I would like to say thank you for making this a very exciting journey. Everyone I met was so good to me. Thank You 


Diane Rey from San Jose